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Aluminum Railing Systems

Engineered for Life!

Whether you are interested in safety, privacy, wind protection, or appearance, Our railing systems for Picket or Glass are Powder Coated air craft quality alloy Aluminum which is the right choice for your home or business project.

When choosing a railing system consider the following downfalls of other options. Wood railing requires constant maintenance with issues such as wood rot, splinters, warps, and splits. Wrought iron rusts, corrodes and requires constant painting. And Polymer wood substitutes such as PVC or fiberglass may not meet new International Building Codes (ICC/IBC/IRC) Building Dept.'s are requiring for strength.

As opposed to the substitutes our aluminum rails systems are a wise choice. They are strong and meet the standards of current 2010 Codes. Our railing systems are a clean and simple component system with a durable powder coated finish. The tough powder coat eliminates all painting and scrapping required with other railing alternatives. The product comes in a variety of standard and custom colors, styles and shapes. Its ergonomic design allows for fast installation as well as minimizing maintenance.

We have been in the business of railing for over 15 years and with the knowledge acquired from the past have the most comprehensive and superior railing product on the market today. If you are looking for a durable, maintenance-free, and cost effective railing product we have the ultimate choice for your project.